Hi there,

The latest news is
1. Moved to Manchester in late 2020 to join Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) as a Lecturer in User Experience. I am still new in Manchester.
2. So far, the weather in England is better than what was promised.
3. I am in the process of terminating my Hong Kong limited company, as I am no longer there, and anyway, recently, it was getting more difficult to get design projects. No point in maintaining a company that is no longer doing business.
4. I submitted my PhD in August, and my defence should be happening soon.
5. I have requested to do the defence online, so I probably won’t be asked to fly back to Hong Kong.
6. Moving to Britain right in the Brexit termination and post-Brexit era proves very entertaining. I definitely have some funny bar stories to share with you.

That’s all for now. Reach out if you want to catch up or chat!