Here are some of my latest big news!
1. I am writing this in Crete. Feels good, and I am eating very well. It’s been about 1,5 years since I went somewhere outside England.
2. I successfully defended my PhD in early May, and now I can call myself Dr Mike.
3. I plan to film myself presenting my defence slide deck and make it available to everyone, especially for the participants who requested a copy of the thesis once it is completed.
4. I bought a home treadmill recently. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made in my entire life.
5. No one had warned me how entertaining British politics could be.
6. My highest career priority is to produce more publications and establish a publishing routine. In the last 1,5 years that I have been a full-time lecturer, there were few opportunities for research due to a heavy teaching load.

If you’d like more news, get in touch!
July 2022


Hi there,

The latest news is
1. Moved to Manchester in late 2020 to join Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) as a Lecturer in User Experience. I am still new in Manchester.
2. So far, the weather in England is better than what was promised.
3. I am terminating my Hong Kong limited company, as I am no longer there, and recently, it was getting more difficult to get design projects. No point in maintaining a company that is no longer doing business.
4. I submitted my PhD in August, and my defence should be happening soon.
5. I have requested to do the defence online, so I probably won’t be asked to fly back to Hong Kong.
6. Moving to Britain right in the Brexit termination and post-Brexit era proves very entertaining. I definitely have some funny bar stories to share with you.

That’s all for now. Reach out if you want to catch up or chat!
October 2021