Research Statement March 2023.

My research in design education has focused on the factors that influence ideation and creativity in design education. I have conducted extensive research in the fields of creativity and education, drawing on insights from design research to deepen my understanding of the principles of ideation and design education.

I have also identified several effective strategies for teaching creativity. As the next step after my Ph.D., I am in the process of preparing two monographs.

The first book is titled “Ideation and Design Education- A Handbook for Instructors” which provides an overview of the principles of ideation and design education and offers advice on how to craft effective and engaging design education experiences.

The second, “Overcoming Creative Blocks in Education- A Guide to Idea Generation,” provides a practical guide for higher education to provide strategies to utilize techniques and approaches for stimulating creative thinking and helping students overcome creative blocks.

In addition to my research, with extensive industry experience gained in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, I have conducted UX research for clients which helps me make connections between academic and industry research. I am deeply passionate about design, technology, and education, and I am committed to exploring the intersection of these fields to create innovative design education experiences for my students.

Going forward

Looking forward, I believe there are many exciting avenues for future research in this field, and I am open to negotiating my research plans and collaborating with colleagues whose interests align with mine. Possible areas of research that I am interested in may include exploring the role of technology in supporting creativity and innovation in the classroom or investigating how successful international companies adapt problem-solving techniques to diverse cultural contexts. These are just some ideas for now, and I am practically interested in anything design-related.

My research and publications aim to contribute to the field by providing practical strategies for educators and fostering a culture of innovation and creativity in the classroom. I am eager to explore potential research directions and to collaborate with colleagues to advance our shared goals. I am committed to leveraging my academic and industry expertise and experience to create meaningful, practical solutions that enhance education.

List of Publications

Most of the publications below are available on ResearchGate through this link:

Oustamanolakis, M. (2022). Design Education – An Investigation into How it Improves Idea Generation. Ph.D. Thesis, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.26107.59682.

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List of Conferences I presented

2020. International Conference on Open and Innovative Education,
2-4 July 2020, Hong Kong

2019. 18th Nordcode Seminar, 1st IDBM Creative Research Symposium,
27-29 November 2019, Helsinki, Finland
(IDMB stands for International Design Business Management)

2019. 13th International Conference on Design Principles & Practices,
1-3 March 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2018. The Ninth International Conference on The Image,
3-4 November 2018, Hong Kong.

2018. The Asian Conference on Education 2018,
13-15 October 2018, Tokyo, Japan.