Resources / Assets for web & UX design
Over time I’ve been discovering a whole bunch of useful resources. I do not endorse or affiliate with any of these sites. I just thought they might be useful and I just bookmarked them. Each site has its own license and terms and do check what you can and can’t do every time you pick a resource from somewhere. This list is not final of course, and it gets updated as I discover more sources and useful materials.

If you have more resources to add to my list, please drop me a message at

Last update: 7th October 2021.

Stock photos (most or all of them with a free license) (vintage photos, free of copyright) (nature photos) (paid app – metasearch engine)



Profile photos (tool that help you pull profile images) (fake people, generated by AI) (script to pull random profile images into your project)



Patterns / Backgrounds



Stock video, music, and sound effects (some videos require a premium account)



Icons (paid but has some cool free icons)



Vector graphics & illustrations (paid, but you can get a not too expensive lifetime subscription here: )



Screenshots and flows / user journeys from apps



Talks, videos, lectures, speeches


UX Glossary



UX checklists



Mock-ups (free to make iPhone mock-ups)



Typefaces and fonts (tool to help you preview many typefaces at once) (discover good looking font pairings) (font pairing tool)



Colour tools



Inspiration galleries (sites from all around the world) (social networking site where designers show off their stuff) (social networking site where designers show off their stuff)



Accessibility resources



Learning Front End resources