Saturday, February 16, 2019

Mike’s Resume

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Contact Information

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Objective Statement

Experienced UX Designer with a background in graphic design. Lived in 6 countries and received tons of design education. Now I am pursuing a PhD in Design. I want to apply my knowledge from the field combined with academic literature, in the understanding the creative processes that occur during designing. As doing a PhD is a full-time job. I do not take in new projects, currently. However, I am available for mentoring, supervising and consulting design projects.

Employment History

At various stages of my career,¬†I worked at different posts doing multiple things. The list below has positions that I worked from few months up to 10+ years, even though I am sure there are more posts that I didn’t realise that I did. The reality is, that there is no such thing as a single job position nowadays. We’re doing multiple jobs, wearing multiple hats throughout our careers, and as a result through the¬†journey, we’ve come to develop our interpersonal skills and grow as professionals.

  1. Graphic Designer

    I’ve been doing this in and out even before attending a graphic design school. I’ve also been freelancing during my studies. That means doing the graphic designer has been my most main profession for the longest.

  2. UX Designer

    Since I landed in Hong Kong in 2013, I’ve been taking in a few UX projects per year.

  3. Designer in a Startup

    I filled in for almost half a year the designer role a small startup. The team leader burned all the money, and so the whole business ended abruptly. Luckily¬†I didn’t accept the shares.

  4. Educator

    I’ve been teaching graphic design to colleagues and university students, and I have also been recently a teaching assistant during my PhD studies.

  5. Design Consultant

    As a design expert, there have been numerous times that I am invited to give my expert opinion on the work of other designers, therefore being enganged with design through consulting lenses is not unknown to me.

  6. Business Manager

    I did start my own company in Hong Kong. Consequently, I had to manage limited resources to establish a value-creating business offering, thus developing managerial skills.

  7. Art Director

    During my work as a business manager, I often had to arrange design-related subcontractors such as printers and web developers, manage design talent, draft project schedules and supervise other designers to deliver according to customer deadlines.

  8. Pizza Chef

    During my studies in Amsterdam, I worked part-time (about two days per week) for a year and a half in Vapiano, a franchise I am quite fond of. Even though I worked in Amsterdam, my opinion is that Vapiano Tallinn is still the best.

Other Random Jobs

These are types of jobs that I did relatively often to feel somewhat comfortable at them, but not long enough or not continuously for (more than) a couple of months

  1. Walking the dog
  2. Mailman/courier
  3. Renting out scooters to tourists
  4. Driver
  5. Computer repairman
  6. General janitor
  7. Mentor to exchange students
  8. Online reviewer
  9. Cashier
  10. Bookbinder
  11. Accountant / Librarian


  1. PhD Candidate School of Design Hong Kong Polytechnic. Hong Kong SAR Expected to graduate somewhere around 2020-21
  2. M.F.A. Business Design Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University, Sweden 2013
    -Exchange Studies for 2 terms at the Tongji College of Design and Innovation, Shanghai, China
  3. M.F.A Design Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2010
  4. BA Graphic Design Graphic Design Dep., Technological Educational Institute of Athens 2007
    -Exchange Studies for 1 term at the Graphic Design Dep. EVTEK Muotoiluinstituutti (now called Metropolia) 2005
    -Exchange Studies for 1 term at the Graphic Design Dep. Gerrit Rietveld Academie, the Netherlands.

Conferences Attended (as a speaker)

  1. Asian Conference in Education. October 12-13, Tokyo Japan.
    I presented virtually the paper “Top Future Skills in Cross-Disciplinary Design Education“. You can watch the video presentation here. and download the slides here
    I will upload shortly the paper once it is published at the conference proceedings.