Saturday, February 16, 2019

Hi there, and thank you for visiting this short bio page. Here you can get to know me in less than 150 words.

I am Mike, a PhD candidate, a UX and graphic designer, and somewhat of an entrepreneur. I currently live in Hong Kong where I am doing a PhD in design in HK PolyU. My natural curiosity and enjoyment for reading about anything fit well in the university context. I did two design-related masters, admittedly enthusiastic about design. I did run my own design company in Hong Kong for a few years, serving foreign customers who were mostly frustrated getting design services in the city. Now that I am a full-time PhD researcher, I don’t have so much time left to do business. The PhD takes most of my time. Recently I got married. My wife comes from Hong Kong too. I originally come from Greece, but I haven’t lived there since 2005. I lived in Finland, Sweden, Netherlands and Shanghai before arriving in HK in late 2013.