What is UX design is about?

UX design is not just about creating an experience according to some theory (θεωρία). It is not about a fancy business idea (ιδέα) or good looking graphics (γραφικά). UX design contains anything related to interacting with a company, a service or a product including the mood, feelings and overall atmosphere (ατμόσφαιρα) of those interactions.

So what should I do?

I like to think that UX design is -in a way- organising (οργάνωση) information according to intended user goals. When information is in order, there is synergy (συνεργία) between user goals and business goals. A visually attractive composition is probably not enough to achieve this. Every project is different, as every business has a distinct character (χαρακτήρας) and identity. UX design may have to incorporate rhythm (ρυθμός), symmetry, (συμμετρία), mystery  (μυστήριο), comedy (κομμωδία), chaos (χάος), irony (ειρωνία), or pretty much anything that characterises (χαρακτήρας) your business or brand. At any case, the entire UX synthesis (σύνθεση) must remain coherent and consistent.

Is it easy?

Sometimes it is challenging to develop an idea in UX design. An analysis (ανάλυση) of what the user goals and business goals are is essential. Examining user psychology (ψυχολογία) is often a great way to get valuable insights, before developing a prototype (πρωτότυπο). Having a dialogue (διάλογος) with the client during the entire design process is critically important too, as well as having practical (πρακτική) expertise. Then, UX becomes easy.

Sounds clever.

UX design is not just about planning experiences. It’s an entire philosophy (φιλοσοφία) based on two-way (or more) interactions. In our modern society, having a one-way monologue (μονόλογος) resulting in poor experiences does not work. Having a UX design that allows users to have a dialogue (διάλογος) with your brand, can increase your value tremendously. Considering that UX design can quickly become a platform for dialogue (διάλογος), advanced ethical (ηθική) thinking is a requirement for the UX designer.

How to proceed?

Once you have clearly defined goals, the UX designer will help you form a systematic (συστηματική), integrated strategy (στρατιγική) that allows your brand and business to grow, and helps the users to achieve their goals easily. This includes examining every piece of your content to devise a robust information architecture (αρχιτεκτονική).

Good to know …

The highlighted words come from Greek, my mother tongue. I did not learn the original Greek words from a history (ιστορία) book. I use them every day to speak, and I can feel their etymology (ετυμολογία) too. Speaking Greek is indeed an enormous advantage in design!

歐龍藝 Mike Oustamanolakis

Μιχάλης Ουσταμανωλάκης
2019/05 Χονγκ Κονγκ